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Japanese people didn’t eat meat in the past? The history of Japanese food and roots of why it’s called healthy

Japanese food was registered as a UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Intangible Cultural Heritage in December of 2013. Under UNESCO, it was registered as the traditional dietary culture of the Japanese. Japanese food, making the most of the flavor of its ingredients and allowing diners to enjoy fresh, seasonal flavors, is garnering […]

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The amazing Japanese bento box gains attention overseas

The Japanese bento box has been gaining attention overseas of late. There are actually many different types of bento box, and some well known examples include the luxury bento boxes produced by luxury hotels and restaurants, healthy bento boxes that boast a nutritional balance, diet bento boxes that are low in calories, and homemade bento […]

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What kind of drink is sake? An easy-to-follow explanation covering everything from ingredients to different production methods

 Known as nihonshu in Japan, sake is one of Japan’s most well known products and is loved for its superb mouthfeel and quaffability. Although it goes well with cuisine from different countries, there are probably many people out there who still wonder what, exactly, sake is. If you like sake but aren’t sure about how […]

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